Eagles along the Fox River – Viewing Site 1 (Expera Spec Sols, Kaukauna)

Site 1: Expera Specialty Solutions (Formerly Thilmany), 899 Thilmany Rd, Kaukauna

1/27/18: Guided Eagle Viewing 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Looking south from this location over the Fox River as the water flows through the Thousand Island Nature Preserve, this location is a great place to view bald eagles, both mature and immature.  Many bald eagles can be spotted roosting within the layers of trees and shortly after daybreak can be found flying upriver and down, often times flying out and perching in the large trees on the banks of the river channels making themselves available for the avid photographer and casual viewer.  This is a great location to get a closeup view of our bald eagles, just remember to be respectful to both the eagles and the local area business allowing you to view from their parking lot.

Expera Specialty Solutions