Eagles along the Fox River – Viewing Site 14 (Fritse Park/Trestle Trail/Fox Crossings

Site 14: Fritse Park/Trestle Trail, 899 N Lake St., Fox Crossings

Enjoy guided outside eagle viewing on January 21 from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM!

Fritse Park has a warming shelter; however, the best viewing is from the trestle itself.

When coming from the Fritze Park side, look to the south in the tree line where a nest in the large tree is very visible.  A mating pair has been active around the nest and immature have been seen as well.

If there is open water on the west side of the trestle, birds will perch in the trees along the bank north of the trestle looking for fish.  Look to the east side of the trestle for more activity especially if the main water body is frozen over.  Keep an eye on James Island as you walk out onto the trestle as well as the trees on the other side of the river near the water treatment plant as the eagles will be perched looking for food.  On occasion walking the road up river from James Island can also produce excellent viewing.

If the main body of water is more open, watch the edges of the ice as birds will rest on the ice after catching food.

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