Eagles along the Fox River – Viewing Site 15 (Jefferson Park, Menasha)

Site 15: Jefferson Park, Kargus Dr/915 Third St, Menasha

If you like beautiful sunrises, Jefferson Park is a great place to view one. The view of it each month is slightly different. The number of eagle to view here has increased over the last 5 years. In addition to watching them travel up and down the river, they have increasingly started to stay near the open water that always seems to be available here. I would suggest you bring your binoculars as most of their activity and roosting areas are across the river or some distance from shore. The last couple of years I have also seen more eagles moving out towards the lake. And this year I do believe a pair has built a nest in one of the trees near the boat landing over the private property on the point there. Additionally there always seem to be other water fowl to enjoy including Goldeneye and Swans.


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