Eagles along the Fox River – Viewing Site 8 (Sunset Park, Kimberly)

Site 8: Sunset Park, 800 W Kimberly Ave, Kimberly

Kimberly’s Sunset Park is a great place to view eagles as well as other wildlife. Deer and turkey frequently stroll along both sides of the river.   Otters have also been spotted in the bay on the west side of the point.

Be sure to check out both sides of the point. A platform on the west side offers a great view toward Hwy 441 Bridge. Eagles will sometimes perch in the dead cottonwood in the middle of the river or on the north shore toward the bridge. After checking out the west side, drive down to the parking lot and boat landing on the east shore. Eagles will often perch on the island directly in front of the landing or in the trees on the south shore. If you are lucky, an eagle may come down to perch on ice near open water in hopes of getting a meal.

Sunset Point Park